A Heart Warming Story with a Fairy Tale Ending

Whilst we are waiting for the sunny weather to return, I thought I would share a heart warming story with a fairy tale ending! 🌈🌞

🐴Pandora came to Los Prados when the very lovely Caroline decided to adopt her from a local family who could no longer care for her, she had been tethered nearby and arrived with us in very poor health. She was emaciated, dehydrated, her feet were very painful and needed immediate attention but even more urgent was the dental treatment she needed to be able to eat effectively again. When the dentist treated her mouth, he said she was probably weeks or at best a few months from death. Following her dentist’s appointment, her farrier’s appointment, and then the vet appointment to get her vaccinated and wormed, we then started to build her strength back up with hay cobs as a hay replacer as they are very useful for horses who struggle to eat, and some forage, then very slowly we introduced some hard feed which was increased very gradually to prevent further problems for this poor old lady. Pandora was very withdrawn, lethargic and had lost interest in the world around her when she arrived, and it was an absolute joy for us to watch her coming back to life as she started to feel better. Caroline spent many hours, grooming, walking and caring for Pandora and her transformation was remarkable due to her hard work and diligence.

🐴A couple of months later, Toni the Pony joined us for a temporary three month stay whilst her owners had to be away. Despite also having been rescued from a very bad situation by her fabulous new carer Siobhan, Toni proved herself to be a feisty little girl, and typical of a Shetland pony in all ways. We had hoped that the children on the yard could spend some time pampering her and giving her some walks, but she made her intentions of eating them all pretty clear from the off. Over time, she did mellow a little and very quickly became a yard favourite along with our gorgeous Pandora.

🦄Toni and Pandora, despite being turned out in a group with other horses quickly paired up and became almost inseparable. They looked so funny, the tiny Shetland and the large mare wandering around together all day, grazing, snoozing and generally enjoying each other’s company.

🌡🤒We were all concerned about Pandora’s wellbeing when the time for Toni to go home was approaching. Siobhan was also worried about Toni’s wellbeing as she had been living alone before coming to us, and she had been thinking about fostering a companion for Toni. Of course, given the attachment between these two it was an obvious suggestion that Pandora accompanied Toni home. A few busy days ensued whilst Siobhan and her husband extended the space and shelter for the girls to include Pandora, and Caroline got everything ready for Pandora and very soon they were both ready to see their new joint home.

Naturally we were very sad to wave the girls off, but we were delighted that they could remain together and continue to be the best of friends. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

We get regular updates on both the girls who are now living their best lives, with loads of space, shelter and love. Siobhan introduced a bell to ring when it was time for them to come down for their dinner, and the cheeky monkeys are now very adept at ringing the bell for themselves when they want some extra food or attention! Caroline visits regularly and still has her connection with Pandora too. 🛎

We are so delighted that this is a proper fairy tale ending for these two elderly mares thanks to both Caroline and Siobhan, and that we were able to be instrumental in introducing them, and that they now have such a fantastic life together. 😍

Siobhan recently posted an update which warmed our hearts completely

“So I thought you might like an update on the two girls and how they are doing. Basically they are inseparable. They have slotted into a routine of which consist of mostly eating.😋 It really is so pleasurable seeing two chilled out horses that look as happy as punch”

Thank you to two very special ladies who have given two very happy horses a second chance in life. ❤❤

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